Christmas Product 2014

Christmas is near.. Pre Order Now!

How to order?  Email :

Mini Cookies (isi 4) @12.5K

Cookies approx size 6cm @ 15K

Cookies Bouquet isi 5 @ 85K

Cookies Bouquet isi 7 @125K

Christmas Bag @40K

Christmas Cookies isi 7 watermarked SweetDelight-XmasCookies-s04 SweetDelight-XmasCookies-s05 SweetDelight-XmasCookies-s06 SweetDelight-XmasCookies-s07 SweetDelight-XmasCookies-s08 SweetDelight-XmasCookies-s09 SweetDelight-XmasCookies-s10 SweetDelight-XmasCookies-s11 SweetDelight-XmasCookies-s12 SweetDelight-XmasCookies-s13 SweetDelight-XmasCookies-s14 SweetsDelight-Hampers-212

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